How much should I pay for a cooker hood?

Everyone who likes cooking should be asking him/herself the type of extraction rate needed.
Bosch cooker hood in a kitchen

boschchThe extraction rate is the speed that a hood can filter the air. The larger the number the faster the rate of descent but this will not indicate that you have a better hood. A better cooker hood will be able to change the air in your kitchen not less than eight times in an hour. A faster rate of extraction can lead to a cleaner air but also, it can mean to be a noisier appliance. This is something you won’t notice especially in a larger kitchen, but it can make a difference in a small one.

If you want to find out the correct extraction rate that is right for you, you can just calculate the length, height and width of your kitchen. If you have a kitchen that isn’t rectangle, and you know its volume, then you can put that straight into the marked box area of a cooker hood that can fit into your kitchen.

How much will your cooker hood going to cost
Hotpoint cooker hood

hotpoint chThere is little information available about the running costs of cooker hoods. But for a good reason, they don’t require a lot of electricity. The powerful hoods use a third of the amount of power as a small electricity hob, and when you don’t use the light fitting, the amount of heat can even be smaller. A moderately powerful cooker, that works at a rate of 750 cubic meters per hour with two small lights can use about three or four pence worth of electricity every hour. If you were to use it for an hour and a half daily, the annual running cost would be around £22, and this is not huge. If you don’t know which cooker hood you need to use based on power consumption, Hotpoint cooker hood is the best model you can have.

If you select a re-circulation hood with a carbon filter, you also require considering the cost of replacing the filter. Most carbon filters need to be replaced after twelve to eighteen months and their costs vary it can be between (£ 10 and £80) depending on their model.

How much you need to pay for a cooker hood
Hotpoint cooker hood
The cooking hood prices usually start from £200 and goes up to over £1000. The more the price of a cooker the higher you can expect to find quieter and more powerful units. The factors that make a real variation of cookers are the design and the size of the hood. A £1000 island can have the same extraction rate and noise level as a £200 canopy but be available in a range of different colors and finishes to help boost the style of a modern kitchen. It’s almost all models can be used for either vented, ducted extraction or re-circulation.

If you’re searching for cheaper cooker hoods on the market for less than £200, then you can expect to find some basic visor and canopy styles that are available in generic silver and stainless steel. They’re suitable for almost all simple kitchen designs, and the majority of models in this price range are usually at a standard of 50 to 60cm in width.
Hotpoint cooker hood
For £200 to £400 an enormous selection of chimney cooker hoods are available in stylish stainless steel and black and most of them measures 60-70cm in width. If you want to spend £400 to £800, there are ranges of chimney and island cooker hood available. Models typically come with stylish glass canopies to suit the most modern kitchen. The average width of patterns found in this category is 90 cm to 100 cm.

If you’re looking to send a decent amount of money on a designer kitchen, cooker hoods that cost over £800 can offer you some of the trendiest models on the market. They can be perfect for complementing a designer oven and hob or a cooker. For more than £1000, you can find a small premium collection of the best cooker hoods available in the market. These models offer the significant ventilation features and perfect design to make a fashionable statement in your modern kitchen. Most of the cooker hood models found in this category are wider than standard at 90 cm to 120 cm.