Cooker hood information

Have you ever queried how to get the best model of cooker hoods for your kitchen? This cooker hood information will help you on how to select the best model for your kitchen whether you’re looking for a fashionable design piece or a practical extractor fan.


Introduction to cooker hoods

Cooker hoods are appliances that are designed to be placed on a hob or cooker to filter the air in your kitchen. They’re either ducted, vented, perimeter extraction or re-circulation models and with or without built-in lights. If a cooker hood doesn’t have enough ventilation, they can lead permanent damage to your kitchen since grease stains paint work.


To make sure that you find a cooker hood easier, there are some essential guides you need to know.

Where to place your new cooker hood in your kitchen

There is some information you need to remember when selecting where to place your new cooker hood. These are

– It should be directly above your hob

– It should be within a reach of an electricity supply

– If you select a ducted, vented or perimeter extraction model, it should have access to an exterior wall


A kitchen appliance usually comes in two fit types; they are integrated and freestanding. All cooker hood models are built-in integrated. Fully integrated appliances are strongly built into a kitchen in such that they’re hidden when not in use and semi-integrated models are incorporated as part of a kitchen design and displayed as a focal point in your kitchen.

Chimney style cooker hoods have a chimney starting off above the fan. You need to ensure that there is enough room above your cooker top for about 75cm between the hob and the hood and the room above the hood for the chimney vent. Chimney cooker hoods are always designed to be mounted on a wall.


Island cooker hood  


Just like chimney hoods, the island cooker hood models don’t need to be mounted on a wall. They’re designed to be suspended from a ceiling. Ideal if your modern style kitchen has your hob in the center of the room.


Integrated cooker hood

Wholly integrated cooker hoods are built into the cabinet above the hob and are hidden behind a panel or door, and they must be open to using. The majority of these models are 60cm wide or less. If you require a cooker hood that is only visible when it’s in use but can be hidden when not in use, an integrated hood is ideal for that purpose.


 Canopy cooker hoods

These models are built-in to the underneath of a cabinet directly above the hob. They’re similar to integrated hoods, but the canopy is usually visible unlike integrated that can be hidden. When you’re checking the size of a cooker hood, there is some information you need to consider. Firstly, you need to ensure that the unit you choose fits your cooker. If you have a range cooker that is 90cm wide, you will get the best results from a hood that is also 90cm wide. Secondly, all cooker hoods should always be placed so that the bottom of the unit is almost 75cm above the hob.


 Re-circulation ducted, vented or perimeter extraction

Re-circulation hoods draw air into the appliance via the filter to neutralize odors and remove grease particles and then the clean air is returned to the kitchen. A carbon filter or re-circulating kit is ideal for re-circulation. Extraction hood filter air with a metal filter grease trap before returning it through an outside vent.

Always clean the grease trap and replace the charcoal filter on a regular basis and metal filters can be washed in a dishwasher when it starts to fill.



– Can be used in almost all kitchens with low installation costs

– It removes grease and odor from the air

– Ensure odor-free air is returned to the kitchen

– Highly efficient filtration that can remove odor, excess moisture, and grease



– Charcoal filter needs regular replacement

– It can’t remove moisture from the air

– Requires a vent through an outside wall that is expensive to install


Extraction models are better at ventilation, but they’re costly to install. However, when looking at value, you should always bear in mind the price of replacing charcoal filters in a re-circulation hood.